Terms of Use for the Self-Service



‘Neste’ – Neste Eesti AS, registry code 10167511, address Sõpruse pst 155, 13417 Tallinn. 

‘Self-Service’ – an electronic environment with limited access and different user rights, in which the Client can carry out the Operations and view personal information provided by Neste via a computer network. 

‘Client’ – a natural person or a representative of a legal entity who performs the Operations in the Self-Service and whose identity is verified by means of a user ID and password previously issued to the Client. 

‘Terms’ – these Self-Service terms and conditions of Neste, which govern the legal relationship between the Client and Neste. 

‘Card Agreement(s)’ – an agreement between Neste and the Client on the use of a payment instrument issued by Neste. 

‘Operations’ – the transmission of Card Agreement amendments, statements, orders, and information. 

‘Virtual Card’ – the payment instrument used in Neste App. The card is valid for payment for goods or services at all Neste fuel stations.


Identification of the Client when entering the Self-Service and carrying out the Operations 

When entering the Self-Service for the first time, the Client is obliged to confirm that they have read and accepted the Terms. By agreeing to the Terms, the Client consents to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the Terms and the Personal Data Protection Act. 

When entering the Self-Service and performing the Operations, the Client is obliged to follow the additional instructions provided by Neste in the Self-Service. 

The Operations are carried out using the Self-Service user ID and password issued by Neste to the Client or the last invoice number and personal identification code issued by Neste to the Client who is a natural person. Neste does not further verify the identity of the Self-Service user and is not liable for any misuse of data. All Operations taken in accordance with the provisions of the Terms shall be valid and enforceable with regard to Neste. 

There may be time lags in the data displayed in the Self-Service. If there is a discrepancy between the invoice presented to the Client and the information displayed in the Self-Service, the monthly invoice issued for the goods actually purchased by the Client shall be used as a reference. 

Neste has the right to deny access to the Self-Service or to refuse to accept the Operations in the Self-Service if: 

- the username and/or password is entered incorrectly at least three times; or 

- Neste has become aware of fact from which Neste can reasonably conclude that the means necessary to carry out the Operation have become known to a third party; or 

- the Client has not fulfilled payment obligations; or 

- the credit limit or advance payment is exceeded or the card agreement is terminated. 



The Client undertakes to do everything necessary to keep the means enabling the Operations (including the user ID, password, etc.) secure and to prevent their use by third parties. The Client undertakes to notify Neste immediately of the loss of such funds or their disclosure to third parties. Neste shall, within a reasonable period of time after receiving notice from the Client, prevent access to the Self-Service through lost or otherwise compromised means. 

The Client undertakes to ensure that third parties do not have access to the email address or mobile phone number disclosed by the Client to Neste, as these may be used by Neste for the purpose of communicating information to the Client about the Operations in the Self-Service. 

Neste has no obligation to provide the technical means (computer, network connection, etc.) necessary to identify the Client and to carry out the Operations. 

The Client provides Neste the right to store, process, and collect Client data and information related to card agreements and to transfer it to third parties managing credit information and providing debt collection services to Neste, as well as to the payment default register. 

The Terms shall enter into force for the Client from the moment of acceptance and shall be valid indefinitely. If the Client’s details fixed in the Self-Service change, they are obliged to inform Neste within 14 calendar days. Neste may consider the Client’s data to be correct as long as no new data has been provided to it. 

Neste reserves the right to change the Terms by notifying the Client of the change on Neste’s website, by email or by any other suitable means (e.g. mass media) at least 1 (one) month in advance. 

For matters not covered by the Terms, the terms and conditions of the card agreement shall apply. 


The Terms apply from 6 September 2021.