Conditions for using Self-Service


Neste Neste Eesti AS, register number 10167511, based at Sõpruse pst 155, 13417 Tallinn. 

Self-Service – an e-environment of Neste Self-Service, having restricted access and varying user rights, where, by using the computer network, Customer can perform operations made available by Neste and view personalised information. 

Customer - a natural person or a representative of a legal person who performs operations in Self-Service and whose identity is ascertained by a user ID and password that have preliminarily been delivered to Customer. 

Terms and Conditions – the present terms of service of using Neste's Self-Service that regulate the legal relationship between Customer and Neste. 

Card Agreement(s) - an agreement concluded by and between Neste and Customer on using a payment instrument issued by Neste. 

Operations – transferring Card Agreements amendments, applications, orders, information in the Self-Service environment. 


Customer identification when entering and performing operations in Self-Service 

When a person enters Self-Service for the first time, they are obliged to approve they have familiarized themselves with these Terms and Conditions and confirm they agree to these Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions Customer agrees to have their personal data processed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Personal Data Protection Act. 

When entering Self-Service and performing operations there Customer is obliged to follow the additional instructions of Self-Service provided by Neste. 

Operations can be performed by using the Self-Service ID and password issued to Customer or if it is a natural person, by using the number of the last invoice issued by Neste to Customer together with their personal ID. Neste does not additionally ascertain the person in Self-Service nor shall be held responsible for the misuse of data. All operations performed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions shall be considered correct in regard to Neste and shall be subject to execution. 

There may be time shifts in the data displayed in Self-Service. If there are discrepancies between the data on the invoice submitted to Customer and in the Self-Service data, the monthly invoice submitted to Customer for actually made purchases shall be proceeded from. 


Neste is entitled to block the access to Self-Service or not to accept the operations performed in Self-Service if: 

- the user ID and/or password are entered incorrectly at least three times, or 

- Neste has been made aware of the fact based on which Neste may reasonably conclude that the needed tools for performing an operation have come to the knowledge of a third party, or 

- Customer has defaulted on payment, or 

- the credit limit or prepayment have been exceeded or the Card Agreement has been terminated. 



Customer undertakes to do their utmost to keep the tools needed for performing the operations (incl. user ID, password, etc.) safe and avoid the use of them by a third party. Customer undertakes to immediately inform Neste about the loss of these tools or if they come to the knowledge of a third party. In a reasonable period and after having received a notice from Customer Neste shall prevent the third party from accessing Self-Service, the latter using the tools made available through a loss or obtained in some other way. 

Customer is obliged to guarantee that a third party has no access to the email address or mobile phone they have informed Neste about because Neste may use them to give information about Self-Service operations to Customer. 

Neste has no obligation regarding the provision of technical equipment (computer, network connections, etc.) needed for performing the operations. 

Customer gives Neste the right to save, process and collect Customer data and the data regarding Card Agreements and transfer it to the third party maintaining credit information who renders the debt collection service to Neste, as well as to the Estonian Credit Register. 

These Terms and Conditions come into force from the moment they are agreed on and shall be valid for an indefinite period of time. If Customer data in Self-Service changes, Customer is obliged to inform Neste about the fact within 14 calendar days. Neste may consider Customer data correct as long as new data is submitted. 

Neste is entitled to change these Terms and Conditions by notifying Customer on Neste’s website, by email or in any other suitable manner (e.g. through the media) at least 1 (one) month in advance. 

In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions the terms of Card Agreement shall be applied. 

These Terms and Conditions are valid starting from 1 June 2012.